The Controller is IN.

Wed, Sep 10, 2008


The Controller is IN.

Welcome to CFO Lounge!

I’ve got something fairly unique planned here so I hope you stick around. will be the first blog community for finance and accounting professionals that won’t put you to sleep. Think of the content as combination of Anthony Bourdain doing finance (if you don’t know who I’m talking about then you are missing out), Gary Vaynerchuks’s Wine Library TV and (with an edge).

This isn’t for the week of heart or for anyone suffering from political correctness. This will be the straight dope on everything finance and accounting. A community for CFOs , CFO wannabees and everyone in between with CFO potential in their blood.
I’ve got three primary objectives with :

  1. We’re all going to get smarter. This means we’re going to share ideas, management techniques, tough accounting decisions, policy guidelines, excel templates, types of analysis, etc. Everyone is going to learn something and have the opportunity contribute smart ideas to the community. At I won’t tolerate pie in the sky theories or ivory tower conjecture. This is “damnit, I needed a solid T&E policy yesterday and I don’t have hours to waste surfing the internet for one…who’s holding?”
  2. All of us will meet new and interesting people. I’m going to interview CFOs, aspiring CFOs and other movers and shakers in our line of work. Ask them about what keeps them up late at night, what works and what doesn’t, how do they strategize, where do they get their inspiration from, what drives them to succeed and what tips and tricks they have up their sleeves that the rest of us don’t. I’m not promising that we’ll have Keith Sherin from GE on anytime soon (though, Keith, my man, drop my a line) but I’ll be working hard to bring you other quality finance and accounting professionals who work at interesting companies, execute their jobs with gusto and want to share their successes and opinions with the masses.
  3. Finally, we’re going to turn this notion that finance and accounting folks are boring on its head. We’re going to bitch, rant and scream about stuff that pisses us off and poke fun at absurdity. Remember that one employee who didn’t fill out his direct deposit form because he’s “old school” and likes to get a physical check in his hand every month-end, or how about your #1 sales guy who doesn’t understand what “keep your receipts” means, or even better yet, that dirtbag CFO or Controller who decided to screw their company by stealing from the coffers or shorting the stock right before earnings release. Let’s tee off on these folks…let’s get angry…let’s get even…slap that magazine into the receiver and rack back the slide. It’s time for payback.

So, grab your favorite cocktail (I’ve got mine — Grey Goose on the rocks), light up a stogie (I prefer a Cuban Montecristo #2) and join us at A finance blog community for the rest of us!

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  1. Steve Says:

    Can’t wait to see what rolls in… Is the Grey Goose on you?

  2. Chad Says:

    Definitely on me…I’ll even get out the ice shaker!

  3. migraine headaches Says:

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  4. Isidro Says:

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