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“Desperate” Housewives

Fri, Sep 19, 2008

For The Hell Of It

Even if you’re not a CFO at work, you better be one at home. That’s right…CFO of your household. This means looking for the best banking rates, managing your own investment portfolio risk and policing your household budget.

My wife told me an interesting story the other day. Her “friend” who is married happens to be on a tight budget and her and her hubby try to stick very closely to this budget in order to get by. Well, it just so happens that this “friend” is committing household budget fraud.

Here is the scam - when this “friend” does the weekly shopping at the grocery store, she frequently purchases giftcards at the check out counter to her favorite department store (Nordstrom). She buys the giftcards in small dollar increments, like $25-50. Hubby never checks the grocery bill and if he happens to inquire why the bill was so expensive, she generally blames the ecomony, fuel prices, etc. for rising food prices.

Every month she cashes in all her gift certificates at her favorite spot and buys herself a lil somethin somethin. Hmmm….now that’s messed up!

Don’t get any ideas ladies…

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  1. Alena Shafer Says:

    I think your wife’s “friend” should be commended for her ingenuity. However, that said, it is pretty messed-up to commit fraud against your fam. Now you/your wife are stuck with a moral dilemma…Do you tell the husband???? Good luck with that one…

  2. Chad Cohen Says:

    It is ingenius…I guess the question is, did she get help on this one?

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