Pelosi and Reid Are A Danger To Capitalism

Sun, Nov 9, 2008

Down to Business

Can you believe this shit?  The top two Democrats in Congress are urging Paulson to grant aid to the Big 3 auto manufacturers.   I don’t remember anyone asking the American public about this.  Where is the vote?  What gives Paulson, Reid or Pelosi any right to bail out individual businesses as they see fit?

The end of capitalism is nearing unless we do something.  Write your Congressional representative and threaten not to re-elect them if they support ANY measure to bail out the Big 3.  This is simply throwing good taxpayer dollars after bad.

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  1. Mike McD Says:

    In general, I try to avoid agreeing with Cohen, but in this case I can’t help it.

    Sometimes even big companies need to die. Wasting billions of dollars to delay the inevitable is tantamount to giving a 102-year-old a heart transplant.

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